IL Pellico Instabile

Gruppo Teatrale Amatoriale di Instabili per Spettacoli di Beneficienza

The Unstable Pellico story







“Pellico Unstable” began as an amateur theatrical group in 2007.

It based its work on a series of animated readings for children, which were proposed by teacher Chiara to foster a love of reading in her students. 

 Initially these reading took place in classroom or in the school gym, but soon these performances need much bigger space and so they moved to the municipal theatre.

 Soon the actors were so bewitched by the magical atmosphere of theatre that they could not live without their presentations.

 At the first the topics covered were taken from books or popular scripts, but the group became more ambitious these topics were developed by them.

 Even the sound effects that were initially produced using simple tools become more sophisticated, to be the result of a real audio editing, obtained as a result of real auudio editing and using verses of songs or soundtracks.

In the early days the visual aids were created using posters on an overhead projector, into which they inserted a real video.

 In 2007 the first performance of “Masks” took place in the theatre. It was divided into two acts:

  • Act 1: “The Black Cat”: We often think that we are so clever but then comes an event that forces us to drop our masks! In this show puppets were used and the puppet theatre was built for free by a carpenter whose son was attending the school.
  • Act 2: “The Examination”. This was played by actors. Here we meet our favourites characters: Arlecchino, Pulcinelle and Colombine.

 In 2008 we had another performance, again in two acts:

  • Act 1: “The Wolf and the Fox” adapted from Tales Brothers Grimm. This was performed by actors and shadows. The shadows were produced by use of an overhead projector.
  • Act 2: “The Forest of  Marzipan”. This is a crazy story of friendship among characters of different fairy tales.  The script was found on the internet and prformed by actors only.

 In 2009 the script had only one act which was entirely written by the group. It was called “Happy birthday Captain Hook”. It is a funny story about friendship, and how to change a bitter enemy into a great friend. As we say “he who finds a friend, finds a treasure”.  This was played by actors and supplemented with video contributions.

In 2010: Alice’s Return to Wonderland”. This was a one act play written and directed by the group.       The real wonderland is our own world, and we are all brothers even though we are all individuals and so different from one another.

But together we can be a fantastic team.

Finally in 2011: “... Just a little History ...with Bart and Lisa Simpson”This was a one act play written and directed by the group.       Bart and Lisa retrace few stages of humanity story,  for their amusement.

The moral of this story is that under each of us in his small way, he may contributes to the development of humanity. The important thing is to believe and develop their ideas.

All played by actors with an insert video

In 2012: “To Be or to Appear".... this is the question!

In 2013: “Around the World in Eighty Lines"

In 2014: "Fable polluted? .....
just a little bit and we recycle it!"

Silvio Pellico (24 June 1789 – 31 January 1854) was an Italian writer, poet, dramatist and patriot.